Lease to Purchase

Have you found your dream home? Is there a neighborhood you’d love to live in but haven’t quite saved up your down payment? Let us help you reserve your dream home before someone else snatches it up! We are exclusive agents of Home Partners of America, and can help you move from being a renter to becoming an owner.

Rent To Own with Lyndsay Lamb Realty

Lyndsay Lamb Realty is working with Home Partners of America’s Lease with the Right to Purchase Program to help families in King and Snohomish County take the steps toward homeownership.


Secure your dream home

With Lyndsay Lamb’s team and Home Partners of America, you can lease a home with the right to purchase, key words being “right to purchase”, not locked in to purchase. This means you have up to five years to rent the home and purchase when you are ready to make the down payment*. Homes are selling quickly. In fact, we’ve sold homes within 24 hours of being listed!


Save money now

You’ve seen how prices grow in the housing market. When you rent with the right purchase, the right to purchase price increases by 3-5% per year*. In many neighborhoods in King & Snohomish County, home prices are increasing 3-5% per month! Locking in a reasonable growth rate ensures you can afford the home when you’re ready to buy. We’re committed to finding the property that best matches your needs. Ready to lease with the right to purchase? If you’re ready to learn more about this great opportunity, simply fill out the form below and we will get back to you!


Home partners of America

Home Partners of America is committed to making homeownership a reality for more people. Whether you’re new to town & unsure which neighborhood to live in, or are a first-time home buyer cautious about making a large financial decision, the HPA is there to help make the path to homeownership easy and straightforward.


Ready to become a homeowner?

* Visit to review all terms and agreements. Participation in Home Partners’ program is available solely for consumer purposes and subject to HP’s approval. To exercise a Right to Purchase after entering into a lease, a resident must obtain a mortgage loan from a third party lender. Home Partners is not a mortgage company, does not have any obligation to provide or arrange a mortgage loan, and cannot guarantee that a resident will be able to obtain a mortgage loan.


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